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What If the Fate of the World Was in Your Hands?: An Excerpt from the Latest Jack Mars Novel

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In Jack Mars’ non-stop thriller, “Our Sacred Honor,” Luke Stone is once again called upon for a deadly mission. These days, the threat of nuclear war is not an unusual occurrence. And for Luke Stone, curbing that threat is part of the job. In Our Sacred Honor, the sixth book in Jack Mars’ thriller series, the former FBI agent is asked to embark on his boldest mission yet when two countries are at odds. After an Iran-backed terrorist group strikes Israel, the country gives Iran 72 hours to clear out its military bases before Israel takes action. But Iran says that if Israel enters their airspace, they’ll launch a nuclear attack on both Israel and all U.S. bases in the…

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5 New Opinions After Rewatching Gilmore Girls in My 30s

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I first watched Gilmore Girls when it premiered on The WB in 2000. I was 16-years-old. Rory and I happen to be born in the same year, only 6 months apart, and her journey became my journey: traversing high school and boys and colleges and deciding what we both wanted out of the future. I grew up with Gilmore Girls, and it will always be one of those defining television shows in my life. Despite its importance, I never rewatched an episode after the show ended in 2007. Stars Hollow was frozen in time for me, marking the end of high school and my college years. But when I heard that Netflix is bringing back Rory, Lorelai and the gang…

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