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Second Chance at Love: How a New Man Turned a Writer’s Nightmare into A Dream Come True

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My whole life I dreamed of what it would feel like to fall in love. Listening to love songs and watching romantic movies as a teenager, I was excited to find my own love story. But the realities of my society slammed hard in my face. I was told that I had to chose someone that would be able to support me properly, someone who was from the same social class as me (or higher), and someone I could get along with. Whether we were in love or not, was immaterial. Over the years, I would look at people on the streets: I saw happy couples holding hands, hugging each other or even giving each other a peck on the…

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DIY MFA Radio Episode 133: Tell Meaningful Stories — Interview with Sebastian Barry

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In this episode, Gabriela Pereira interviews the award-winning Irish author, Sebastian Barry, about his latest book. Days Without End is a powerful literary portrait of a time when Americans were pitted against Americans in bloody struggles fought to define the borders and identity of the nation. Barry writes of this period as it was experienced by common soldiers: men who did not determine or even necessarily understand the wars they fought, but who fought anyway, merely to survive them. Not just a war novel, Days Without End is also a poignant love story, about two men and the unlikely family they form with a young Sioux girl, Winona. For more detailed show notes, visit: DIYMFA.com/133.

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Heat Index: 5 Hot New Books All About the Heart of the Matter

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In the fast-paced society we live in today, sometimes we forget to slow down and enjoy what life has to offer us. But there are times that we’re reminded of the important things in life like family, friends and love. Whether you’re single, dating or completely off the market, these five hot new books may be just what your heart needs right now. Date-onomics: How Dating Became a Lopsided Numbers Game, Jon Birger (Workman Publishing, August 2015) “The author…provides fascinating evidence to show how and why dating and mating culture in America has changed in the 21st century.” —Kirkus Reviews Heat Index: There’s a perfectly good reason as to why you haven’t met the man of your dreams yet and Date-onomics has…

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Screen romances for all your moods

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Nothing says “I love you” like watching someone you don’t know (i.e. a movie star) say it to someone else you don’t know (as in, another movie star). But we fall in love at the movies, with the movies, and sometimes we wish we could break the celluloid barrier and join (or break up) a happy couple. And luckily the silver screen gives us romance in all its forms, so here (in chronological order to avoid squabbling over rankings) is a 14-piece starter kit for your movie romance. If you’re into unrequited love, sweeping (fake) shots of Atlanta burning at the hand of those damn Yankees, and a heroine as feisty as they come, try Gone with the Wind (1939).…

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