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A Quest for Meaning and Moby-Dick—A Whale of a Tale

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An ancient house built in 1873, a developmentally delayed boy, and a hidden manuscript combine to create the perfect treasure hunt—securing Herman Melville’s famous Moby-Dick manuscript, its value rising with each casualty. The Moby-Dick Blues (Roundfire Books) by Michael Strelow chronicles the hunt for not only literary treasure, but the search for admiration and purpose: “The story of Arvin and his family and the manuscript for Moby-Dick, [is] the unlikely tale of unlikely characters just like Melville’s story.” Arvin Kraft is used to being left out. His family talks about him as if he can’t hear them. He knows his brain isn’t as quick to process as theirs, as his older brothers, Ben and Carl, always remind him. “My two fast…

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