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Jon’s Picks: ‘Proud Mary’ and the Strongest, Kick Ass Women in Film and Pop Culture

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Today, Proud Mary, starring Taraji P. Henson (Empire, Hidden Figures) opens in theaters across America.  Henson plays an assassin for the Boston mafia ordered to kill the parents of a young boy. This latest assignment prompts Mary to want to protect him instead and leave the belly of the underworld as well as her past misdeeds behind; however, the mob bosses have other ideas and put a hit out on Mary.  There are few reviews for this film thus far as Screen Gems, whose parent company is Sony Pictures, opted to not do a pre-screening for the press, but according to the Chicago Tribune, “Taraji P. Henson [is] leading the charge of strong women in 2018 with Proud Mary.” We agree!…

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