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life lessons from a total failure

You Don’t Have to be a Failure!

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Motivational speaker, actor and now first-time author M.J. Dougherty knows that failing, although discouraging, is sometimes necessary in order to move on to bigger and better. After a number of decisions didn’t go¬†Dougherty’s way, he began to realize that he could benefit from the lessons he was learning along his road of self-discovery. Because of those lessons, Dougherty decided to pen,¬†Life Lessons from a Total Failure (Amazon, August 17, 2016). To understand more about Dougherty and what led him to write his debut book, check out what he had to say in the Q&A below and then read an excerpt from the book! BookTrib: What lesson was the most difficult thing to learn through your failures? M.J. Dougherty: While I…

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