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John Grisham’s Book Tour Continues with Charlie Lovett

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John Grisham has invited book lovers and writers alike to listen to his podcast, ‘Book Tour with John Grisham’. So far he has made stops along the way, speaking with some of our favorite authors and more in bookstores across the U.S. In his second stop, he spoke with Ann Patchett, and today we are invited to his third stop in the tour, where he speaks with Charlie Lovett. This week he enters his seventh stop with Charlie Lovett at Bookmarks, in Winston-Salem, NC. They talk about fundraising in the area, the history of books, and what he’s currently working on in regards to new projects! Charlie Lovett is known as a writer, teacher, and playwright whose plays have been…

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Summer Celebrations: The 6 Wildest Parties in Literary History

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From music festivals to beach bashes, summer gives us the freedom to frolic outside and enjoy a margarita…or six. Summer really is all about the evenings of partying until the early morning with friends, or afternoons in the park, reading in the sun. We decided to combine these two fantastic summer activities by giving our take on the six wildest parties in literary history for you to fantasize about and maybe be inspired to throw your own summer bash. Matt’s Picks: The Acid Tests from Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test by Tom Wolfe (Picador Reprint, 2008) “Everything in everybody’s life is…significant. And everybody is alert, watching for meanings.” Journalist Tom Wolfe following a group of degenerate hippies searching for ‘truth’ through the…

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