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8 Reasons to Watch Sense8

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You can say you don’t like it, you can say that it’s weird, but you can’t ignore it. Netflix’s recent series Sense8 has become perhaps one of their more polarizing properties. There seem to be very few centrist opinions on the show, which employs both a huge cast of lead characters and winding narratives more finely woven than a million-dollar rug. Personally, I loved the show, which is why I’m pulling my hair out in anticipation of the announcement regarding a second season. Show creator J. Michael Straczynski teased at San Diego Comic-Con this past week that we’d have an announcement within two weeks. While we wait for that announcement and in anticipation of the show’s Q&A session tomorrow, here…

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Sense8 lovers, here are 3 novels to tease the mind

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When exactly did Netflix become a trailblazer for new and inventive TV? It seems like only yesterday they were sending DVDs to your door for cheap, and now their high-quality shows and binge-model standard are changing the way we think about and consume television. Their newest offering is a dark sci-fi show called Sense8, about eight strangers who become emotionally, mentally, and sometimes physically linked. At first, Sense8 is an overly ambitious project that feels too complicated and yet somehow slower than it should. But after the first few episodes it settles into a groove – small stories that show us how all of humanity is intrinsically linked. It’s visually appealing, endlessly interesting, and emotionally moving. Sensates might just be…

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