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Kira Peikoff and Jessamyn Hope Talk This Week’s Reads

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Dear Reader, See what this week’s authors have to say! In each AuthorBuzz note you’ll receive invitations to join contests, get free books, bookplates or bookmarks, read personal stories, and more. Dear Reader, In the 21st century, death is no longer a black-and-white moment in time, but a process that can be stopped well after it’s begun. Isabel Leon, a young woman with a terrible secret, washes up drowned on a beach. When a stunning intervention brings her back intact, she awakens to find that she’s living proof of a breakthrough that can change the world. But some people would pay any price to control it, even if it costs Isabel her life—again. I’m giving away five books. Write to [email protected] to…

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Live Interview with Kira Peikoff, Author of medical thriller No Time to Die

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Through January 20, 2015 get NO TIME TO DIE at a reduced price on A new year, another year older. But many of us want to stop aging. Should we strive for it? What impact would staying young have on us and our society? In a Washington, D.C. research lab, a brilliant scientist is attacked by his own test subjects. At Columbia University, a talented biochemist is lured out of her apartment and never seen again. In the Justice Department’s new Bioethics Committee, agent Les Mahler sees a sinister pattern emerging…Zoe Kincaid is a petite college student whose rare genetic makeup may hold the key to a powerful medical breakthrough. When she is kidnapped, the very thing mankind has wanted…

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