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We Need Arrow’s “Olicity” Back Together — Now.

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Warning: Spoilers for Arrow and Olicity ahead! Turn back now if you haven’t seen the first half of season 5. We’ve made no secret of our fervent love of Arrow’s favorite couple “Olicity” here at BookTrib. So this season, with Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell) and Felicity Smoak (Emily Bett Rickards) separated, we’re having major romance withdrawals. It doesn’t help matters that there seems to be a large divide in the fandom surrounding the couple. True “comic book fans” are rejoicing in the fact that Arrow’s focus is off the unconventional romance, while Olicity fans are bemoaning the lack of screen time devoted to the chemistry-laden duo. The producers are even weighing in, with creator Mark Guggenheim vocally regretting how quickly he…

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5 Things We’d Love to See Jon Stewart and Stephen Amell Do at SummerSlam

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There must be some sort of plot afoot to get people like me to watch WWE’s SummerSlam. I am not a wrestling fan, even if one or two inhabit my house on occasion. But when a certain offspring showed me dreamy Arrow star Stephen Amell responding heroically after being attacked by cosplay reject Stardust on Monday Night RAW, I was intrigued. Then the WWE raised the stakes when it was announced that Jon Stewart would host SummerSlam. My comedic idol with my superhero dreamboat? OK, you’ve got my attention. But if you really want me to watch, here are five things I’d love to see at SummerSlam, which airs on Sunday, August 23. Bring in Arrow star David Ramsey as…

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