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DIY MFA Radio Episode 142: Interview with Kathleen Audet — Discover Your Authentic Image

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diy mfa episode 142 kathleen audet

On this week’s DIY MFA episode, Gabriela Pereira hosts image consultant Kathleen Audet on the show. In this information-packed interview, they discuss two different ways that image and appearance play into a writer’s work. On one hand, you can use specific details to bring your characters to life on the page, and use image-related techniques to better understand your characters. On a deeper level, however, image also applies to an author’s career and the importance of first impressions. When you learn some basic concepts around clothing and appearance, you better align how you present yourself on the outside with who you are on the inside. ABOUT DIY MFA Here’s a secret no one ever tells you. The typical MFA (Master of…

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