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No Thanks, Comcast: Why I Canceled My Cable

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Last year my wife and I packed up our cats (and other less important belongings) and moved out east to the strange land of New England. It was a mystical time, filled with promises to not eat as much junk food and organize our new abode much more efficiently than we had the old. If I’m being honest, most of those commitments didn’t last long past the move (especially the junk food). One that did, however, was the promise of a life without cable. As children of the South, my wife and I had been Comcast customers for a few years up to that point, so we’d dealt with the notorious customer service problems, unexplained outages and odd billing procedures. By…

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Lessons from 30 Rock’s Liz Lemon, junk food enabler

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We all know her. She shotguns slices of pizza with an unmatched fearlessness. She isn’t afraid to ask the cashier what time the old doughnuts get thrown away. She uses her oven for one thing: warming up her jeans. She is driven by her love of sugar, fat, and efficiency. She is the food-loving anti-foodie. She is 30 Rock’s Liz Lemon. She is also, unfortunately, me. Look, I know this sounds like a humblebrag. Underneath all that self-deprecation is an undeniably cool lady. Lemon writes a TV show, dates men who look like Jon Hamm, and is creative, hardworking, and side-achingly funny. Her, er, crumbier (high-fiving a million angels) shortcomings—the kind that cause her night terrors about giving birth to…

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