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How the Internet has changed parenting — and parents

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From online forums, message boards, and chat rooms, to blogs and social media, there is no question that the Internet has changed what it means to be a parent. Parents now have new access to information and online communities and support, though at the same time by participating in these communities they open themselves up to new judgments and self-doubts. Julia Fierro’s new novel, Cutting Teeth (St. Martin’s) incorporates online message boards into the plot of the book and the psyches of the characters. We recently sat down with Julia, and asked her some questions about parenting and the Internet. BOOKTRIB: You launched a Tumblr called Parenting Confessional that was inspired by the book, which has become wildly popular. Have…

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Parenting is about mom AND dad in Julia Fierro’s Cutting Teeth

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Father’s Day is a great time to reflect on the universality of parenthood. While novels and movies often portray mothers as doing the heavy lifting when it comes to parenting, fathers are sharing more and more of the childrearing as families strive to achieve the elusive work-life balance. Julia Fierro’s debut novel, Cutting Teeth (St. Martin’s 2014) unfolds through the varying perspectives of all the “mommies” (including one dad) in a long-running playgroup, along with Tenzin, the Tibetan nanny. These disparate voices who narrate alternating chapters of the book highlight the many ways we approach parenting, but also the similarities that underscore this difficult and rewarding experience. The novel has been garnering attention; it was included in the “Most Anticipated Books…

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