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Heat Index: 5 Hot New Books that are Both Visually Beautiful and Emotionally Moving

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I’m a visual person. I love “pretty” things. I love colorful things. So when I perused my many stacks of books on my desk for ideas for this week’s Heat Index, my eye was drawn to five gorgeous hardcover books sitting beautifully in a pile. I knew then, regardless of the topic, that these books needed to be in a list together. Then I read each synopsis and it was like the stars had aligned. Each book begins similarly by showing the protagonist’s current life, but the comfortable lifestyle each character was living is soon thrown completely off-course, leading them to situations and people they could have never expected. Old love, new love, suspense, thrill and the power that lies within a story itself…

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Get off DoggyDates.com and Fall in Love With These Giveaways!

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Aren’t free books the best? Each week there’s something for everyone this week! Don’t delay, enter to win this week’s books. The Angel’s Lamp by Ashby Jones The Angel’s Lamp, set in war-torn Ireland just after the Easter Rising, centers around a love affair between Johnny Flynn, an Irish-bred, English staff-sergeant in charge of the rebellion’s soon-to-be executed leaders, and Nora Connolly, the firebrand daughter of James Connolly, the uprising’s charismatic leader. Johnny meets Nora while standing guard over her soon-to-be executed father and is struck by her determination to take the fight to the British. But then, unknown to Nora and under the threat of death Johnny is unexpectedly summoned to serve on the firing squad that executes Connolly. Ridden…

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