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Jordan Harper Talks Writing about Girls and Grit in ‘She Rides Shotgun’

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Jordan Harper

BookTrib is partnering with Bookish to bring you more great content, including this Q&A with Jordan Harper, author of She Rides Shotgun. Working as an in-demand screenwriter has made Jordan Harper no stranger to writing an action-packed story, which certainly comes across in his debut novel, She Rides Shotgun. It’s a gritty, emotional, and grippingly-terrifying thrill ride about the fine line between being bad and being good. We caught up with Harper recently to talk about the draw of the powerful young girl character, the difference between writing for the page and writing for the screen, and about why he believes the perfect response to being punched is to punch back. Bookish: She Rides Shotgun puts the reader right alongside Nate, as though we are a part of him,…

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