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New York Post Page Six: Mystery novel makes ‘Wolf’ look like a ‘flea’

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Mike Offit wanted to be a writer like his father, but he was side-tracked to Wall Street as a mortgage trader at First Boston and Prudential. Now he has written his first book, “Nothing Personal: A Novel of Wall Street” — a heart-pounding murder mystery that explains white-collar crimes much better than “The Wolf of Wall Street” does. “‘Wolf’ is entertaining, but it’s a story about a financial flea,” Mike told me. “Jordan Belfort and his boiler room weren’t anywhere near Wall Street. They were out on Long Island.” Mike’s dad, Sidney Offit — the author of “Friends, Writers, and Other Countrymen” and “Memoir of the Bookie’s Son” — was close to Kurt Vonnegut. Mike grew up knowing Vonnegut, Norman…

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