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Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell

Revolutionary Ideas for Independence Day Style

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Between Poldark, Outlander, Turn: Washington’s Spies, Sons of Liberty and the BBC miniseries Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell, the colonial period is everywhere these days. And while we love the romance and epic storylines told through the eyes of soldiers, servants and time travelers, we’re becoming more than a little obsessed with the period clothing that keeps gracing our screens. Hooped petticoats, stays, waistcoats and three-cornered hats—what’s not to love about the clothing of the late 1700s? With the Fourth of July only days away, it seems appropriate to honor that Revolutionary War style we can’t get enough of. So here are three modern outfits inspired by traditional Colonial clothes: Colonial Cute: Revolutionary Style 2 by rachelcarterya featuring Dolce&Gabbana Gingham…

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