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‘Days of Night’: Jonathan Stone’s Vivid Tale of Loneliness and Isolation in Antarctica

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From the title to the tone, Jonathan Stone’s latest thriller, Days of Night, lures the reader into life at the McMurdo Station, Antarctica. Antarctica, itself a character in the novel, immediately becomes vivid and arresting, foreboding and unfortunate. As a continent it is known as the coldest, unleashing temperatures that dip as low as -128.6 degrees Fahrenheit. Throughout the novel, we consider how easily one can freeze to death, how precarious it is to exist in this climate. Beyond that is the author’s creation of the culture at McMurdo Station. He cleverly details the social isolation and odd behavior of the crew—we imagine a character’s perverse proclivity that comes during the ‘winter-over’, when those living there haven’t a glimmer of daylight…

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