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New Month, New Season, New Reads: 16 New Books for Spring

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March arrived this week and none too soon! Last month we weathered tragedy, scandal and tepid weather conditions.  While many problems of the last month will follow us into the new month, there is hope— there is always hope. This week, hope comes not in the form of Hope Hicks, who departed her position as White House Communications Director yesterday, but in the hope and promise of what’s new in books this coming Spring! We have compiled a list of this week’s 16 Must-Have Books for Spring you will want to add to your collection. The new book by The Black Swan author Nassim Nicholas Taleb will challenge reality and have you rethinking your conventional ways of living; Michelle McNamara and Gillian…

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Raymond Chandler and 7 of the Best Thriller Writers Today

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The latest issue of Strand Magazine includes a superb, previously unpublished story by Raymond Chandler that’s a must-read for all mystery and thriller fans. Giving it a read made me think of the incredible influence writers like Chandler have had on the genre, inspiration for this month’s column featuring some of the best mystery and thriller writers working today. We start with Rhode Island native Lisa Gardner’s Look for Me (Dutton, 400 pages, $27.00). The Chandler influence is visible right from the start of a tale forged from the grand tradition of noir when the bodies of four out of five members of the Baez family are found murdered in their home outside Boston. The lone survivor, sixteen-year-old Roxanna, is…

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This Week, John Grisham Visits Park Road Books

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John Grisham has invited book lovers and writers alike to listen to his podcast, ‘Book Tour with John Grisham’. So far he has made stops along the way, speaking with some of our favorite authors and more in bookstores across the U.S. On John Grisham’s Eleventh Stop of his Book Tour, Grisham visits Park Road Books in Charlotte, NC to speak with Sally Brewster and John Hart. Grisham’s Book Tour is filled with great interviews that give you an inside look at some of your favorite people and others who make up the novelist’s world. As he sits down and speaks with Sally Brewster, known bibliophile and owner of Charlotte’s only indie bookstore, you can gain special access into one…

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