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America Ferrera’s “American Like Me” Captures the Immigrant Experience

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America Ferrera, award-winning actress for ABC’s hit comedy, “Ugly Betty,” turned activist in 2016 as co-founder of HARNESS, a human rights organization that connects various communities with pop culture leaders. Focusing on the immigrant experience, Ferrera produced a new book, American Like Me: Reflections on Life Between Cultures (Gallery Books), a collection of 31 first-person essays about growing up between cultures. One of six children of Honduran immigrants, Ferrera writes, “Honduras was my phantom limb. I always felt its presence, but I couldn’t see it, touch it or wave it in the air to prove ‘this right here is a part of me!’ ” She acknowledges what she lost as an immigrant: hundreds of years of connection and history, and…

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Bookish: Nailed It: Book Covers Paired with Stylish Manicures

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BookTrib is partnering with Bookish to bring you more great content. You’re never fully dressed without a book in your hand. But if you want to feel extra stylish, why not match your polished fingertips to whatever book you’re enjoying at the moment? To get you started, we’ve taken book covers as our inspiration and let our imagination run wild. These are some of the eye-popping combinations we loved and would particularly excited to sport to our next book club meeting. We can’t wait to get out our polish and don these literary nails!     Picture yourself sporting these playful multicolored nails. We love the subtle touches of camo that these nails and this book cover share.   With these regal blue and gold…

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‘Sour Heart’ Will Continue Lena Dunham’s Legacy under Lenny Imprint

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As soon as the final episode of Girls aired on HBO back in April, Lena Dunham was already thinking about her next project. It makes sense – the 31-year-old is an author, a showrunner, an actress, a filmmaker, and co-founder of the popular feminist newsletter and website, Lenny Letter. At this point, Lena Dunham is clearly a powerhouse, creating content that almost always sparks a conversation. So in April, when Dunham announced that she and her Lenny Letter partner Jenni Konner were starting a new imprint with Random House, we couldn’t wait to see what they would do with it. The imprint, called Lenny, is designed to “push the ball forward on the issues that matter to our audience,” as…

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