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“Joni on Joni:” Portrait Of An Artist Through Interviews

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She’s been called bragging and scornful, philosophical and deep, and also a beguiling flirt.  All those sides show up in a fascinating anthology of Joni Mitchell’s most illuminating interviews titled Joni on Joni: Interviews and Encounters with Joni Mitchell (Chicago Review Press), edited by Susan Whitall, writer and editor of Creem magazine. The interviews span the years 1966 to 2014 and cover everything from her friends to her insights to her music. Collectively, the material paints a revealing picture of the artist. Few artists of the 20th century are as intriguing as Joni Mitchell. She was a solidly middle-class, buttoned-up bohemian, an anti-feminist who loved men but scorned free love; and a female warrior taking on the male music establishment.…

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Adapting One Historical Novel to Another: How to Make It Work

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BookTrib is partnering with Bookish to bring you more great content. We’ve all been there: We read a novel, and wonder “How did the author do that?!” Sophfronia Scott has written just such a novel. Her book Unforgivable Love is a retelling of Dangerous Liaisons that will enchant and entertain readers with its historical flair. Here, she tells Bookish readers just how she went about adapting the original. Ideas are a dime a dozen—they exist in multitudes and any creative thinker knows there is no shortage of good ideas. Still there’s a fascination with ideas and they are considered scarce—that’s why authors consistently get asked how they found the idea for their latest work. But the idea is only the beginning. Two writers can start…

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