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Look Out! Bookish Reads For Shark Week

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BookTrib is partnering with Bookish to bring you more great content. Look out! Shark Week is coming. If you’re like us, you look forward to this weeklong celebration of all things shark. In fact, we’re so excited that we fished through our bookshelves in order to share our 12 favorite Shark Week reads with you. Go ahead and dive into these books.    The epic story Jaws (Random House) by Peter Benchley. No Shark Week list would be complete without this one. You’ll find the mother of all sharks in Peter Benchley’s classic white whale of a shark book. Jaws makes us fear the water will never be safe again. In Ann Kidd Taylor’s The Shark Club (Penguin)Marine biologist Maeve Donnelly, the protagonist of…

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Jon Land’s 10 Best Bone Chilling Book-to-Film Thrillers

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With the release of Stephen King’s It looming in the air and bringing us fright before the Halloween season, it is only customary to revisit some of the best book-to-film adaptations of all time. From those that stunned us to those that gripped our hearts, we revisit these novels from many bestselling authors and the movies that lived up to their name.   The Godfather, Mario Puzo According to legend, producer Robert Evans bought the rights to the book before Mario Puzo had even finished it, and proceeded to shepherd a faithful adaptation that many consider to be the best film ever made. Francis Ford Coppola received the lion’s share of the credit for that, but everything he put on the screen is…

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Celebrate Shark Week with Media Star Mary Lee the Great White Shark

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It was 1975 and I was 12 years old when, along with millions of other recreational swimmers, I developed a lifelong and near-paralyzing fear of sharks. Thanks, Steven Spielberg! The summer of 1975 was when the classic thriller Jaws surfaced in movie theaters around the country. Suddenly, the nation was terrorized by a giant mechanical shark named Bruce, who became the star of what would go on to become the first true summer blockbuster. I had been swimming since literally before I could remember, but it only took one viewing of Jaws to convince me that the waters all around me were brimming with sharks. They were in the murky waters of Long Island Sound. They were surrounding the beaches…

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