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Can’t Get Enough of the Big News? Here Are Some More Royal Reads!

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From now until the big day next spring, we look forward to all the updates on wedding details and invitation lists for the British royal family when Prince Harry Weds Meghan Markle! Because we’re obsessed with royalty (The Princess Diaries is a big subject of discussion in the office today), we thought we’d bring you a special list of books on royal families all over the world and some families whose names are like royalty. Learn about the royals of Monaco, Jordan, and more. Become immersed in the world of royalty… if only for a little while: Diana: Her True Story – in Her Own Words, Andrew Morton What list on royalty wouldn’t start out with Princess Diana? She captured the hearts and…

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‘First, Be a Lady:’ The Impact of FLOTUS on American Politics

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Political scientists have failed to recognize the political importance of the president’s spouse. While the evolving role of the first lady over time from White House hostess to presidential advisor has been documented in historical narratives and news articles, the tremendous responsibility placed on her office to communicate the president’s message and shape his public image has received little attention according to Lauren A. Wright, Ph.D. in her book ON BEHALF OF THE PRESIDENT: Presidential Spouses and White House Communications Strategy Today. This responsibility has increased markedly in the last three presidential administrations, illustrated by the fact that Michelle Obama made more speeches and major public appearances in her first six years in office than any first lady in history.…

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The Wife Stuff: The Astronaut Wives Club blasts off on ABC

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Which would be more difficult for you: flinging yourself into an unknown frontier on a mission fraught with danger from which you may not come back alive—or sitting by helplessly and watching a loved one do it, able to do nothing but pray for their safe return? For the wives of the original Mercury 7 astronauts, who sat in living rooms and gathered around televisions as their husbands launched the early days of the American space program, this became a kind of pressure few of us can imagine. And these women withstood it under remarkable public scrutiny that saw them transform from regular military spouses to American royalty in the nascent days of television news coverage. Now, their story will…

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