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ThrillerFest 2017 Debut Author Isabella Maldonado Talks ‘Blood’s Echo’

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ThrillerFest 2017 Isabella Maldonado Blood's Echo

Today’s ThrillerFest 2017 debut author is Isabella Maldonado and her new crime thriller Blood’s Echo. Read on to find out how she’d finish off her protagonist and what her final read would be on death row! BookTrib: If you were on death row, what would be your last read? Why?  Isabella Maldonado: As a former cop, for me to end up on death row means my life has veered way off course. I can only assume I was convicted of a crime I didn’t commit, like John Coffey in Stephen King’s The Green Mile. And no, that wouldn’t be the book I would choose as my last. It’s bad enough that I’m in those circumstances without reading about my impending demise.…

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