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What If the Fate of the World Was in Your Hands?: An Excerpt from the Latest Jack Mars Novel

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In Jack Mars’ non-stop thriller, “Our Sacred Honor,” Luke Stone is once again called upon for a deadly mission. These days, the threat of nuclear war is not an unusual occurrence. And for Luke Stone, curbing that threat is part of the job. In Our Sacred Honor, the sixth book in Jack Mars’ thriller series, the former FBI agent is asked to embark on his boldest mission yet when two countries are at odds. After an Iran-backed terrorist group strikes Israel, the country gives Iran 72 hours to clear out its military bases before Israel takes action. But Iran says that if Israel enters their airspace, they’ll launch a nuclear attack on both Israel and all U.S. bases in the…

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Dina Nayeri’s ‘Refuge’ Follows One Woman’s Struggle to Find Her Roots

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In Refuge, Author Dina Nayeri follows Niloo, a young, married, Iranian woman on a journey to find herself and establish roots in a new land. Concurrently, through her father, Bahman’s experiences, we gain an understanding of their relationship and his attachment to home. In her early 30s, Niloo is living in Amsterdam with her French husband. Meanwhile, in Iran, her father is at the courthouse filing for a divorce from his third wife. Niloo hasn’t seen her father in many years, having left Iran with her mother and brother when she was 8 years old. Although she feels betrayed and disappointed by him, Niloo thinks of their few visits and the precious time they had together when she was a…

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A Teen Girl’s Journey: Learning to Love Iran Through its Food

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What happens when a teenaged American girl is uprooted from her Brooklyn home and moved to Iran right after the fall of the Shah? I shish you not, when I first stepped foot in Iran my jaw dropped to the sandy floor because of the Third World foods being prepared for sale in restaurants and kiosks. In my mind, the odors of intestines, brains and tongues of sheep could possibly cause nerve damage. I could hear people smelling this repugnant odor and saying “Piffff peefff!” (which is also similar to the name of a pest control killer in Iran). The odors are a perfect match! I would put it down in the “disgusting national dish” category. After tasting pig feet…

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