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A Pirate Seeking Answers More Valuable Than Gold

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The Isle of Gold (Black Spot Books) is Seven Jane’s debut novel, but you would assume she was a practiced author with the intricate tale she spins. In 1716, the Golden Age of the Pirates, she takes readers on a fantastical voyage following Merrin Smith, who manages to smuggle herself onto a pirate ship bound for gold and adventure. While most of the Riptide crew is hunting fortune, Merrin seeks something far more valuable for herself, answers to her mysterious past. As an orphan who knows nothing about how she arrived to Isla Perla, Merrin wants to leave behind the familiarity of the land and risk safety for the ultimate understanding of her origin and her true identity. Disguised as a…

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Real-Life Indiana Jones Gary Vikan Reveals the Truth about World’s Art Treasures

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Anyone who has seen an Indiana Jones movie has regarded it with a sense of disbelief. Would an Ivy League scholar with a doctorate in ancient history really find himself in the middle of all kinds of shady characters, sketchy situations and stolen art? According to Gary Vikan Ph.D., an expert in late ancient and early medieval art who has helped collect priceless artwork for leading museums, duplicitous government officials and shady dealers are par for the course. In fact, it’s the art world’s dirty little secret—the glittering treasures on their pedestals and priceless paintings in their burnished frames that adorn museum walls are often either stolen or forged. How often? According to Newsweek, the U.S. Department of Justice and…

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