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How Time Fits Into the Creation of a Fictional World

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Happy New Year! Is it too late to say that? What’s the statute of limitations on wishing someone a happy new year before you start to sound like you’re maybe not from around these parts? What if you really aren’t from around these parts? Last time, we discussed creating holidays in your fictional fantasy world. Today I’m going a step farther and talking about time. Not time travel–that’s an entirely different kettle of slimy, confusing, paradoxical fish. I’m talking about how we experience time, how we talk about it, and how in a fantasy world, we can use it. There are loads of things that are more or less fixed. We are mammals, bipeds, we have five senses, we have…

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The Power of the Imaginary Book and How Kim Alexander’s Became a Reality

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What are your favorite books within books? Since I’m a weirdo, Lovecraft’s Necronomicon springs to mind. Harry Potter has dozens of them. Frank Herbert’s Dune not only has pages of them, but references them liberally throughout the text. Fictional books have always appealed to me, as much, almost as books of fiction. They are the mystery that can never be solved, they impact our heroes (and villains) without ever showing their faces. They have great power. I wanted one. In my epic fantasy novel, The Sand Prince, my hero, the misfit demon prince Rhuun, finds just such a book–a marvelous story of the adventures of a human man and his friends and enemies on the other side of The Door, the…

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