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J.D. Salinger and Other Reluctantly Famous: 5 Authors Who Stayed Out of the Public Eye

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From Stephen King to J.K. Rowling, there are plenty of recognizable authors who regularly interact with both the press and the public. But what about the ones who aren’t quite as willing to step into the limelight? More than a few authors have chosen to eschew the fame completely, sometimes even living in solitude instead of engaging with the world. The most well-known of these reclusive authors is easily J.D. Salinger, who also happens to be the topic of the recently released Rebel in the Rye. Salinger wrote 5 books over the course of his career, as well as dozens of short stories. He’s most famous for Catcher in the Rye, of course, his coming-of-age novel about angsty teen Holden…

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