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Jon Land’s Year-End Picks: 6 Best Thrillers of the Season

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Tis’ the season… for a good thriller! From some of the best known thriller writers come some great suggestions you don’t want to miss, like unforgettable novels by James Rollins and Lisa Gardner. No matter what adventure you’re looking for them to take you on, here are some suggestions for every thriller lover: The Demon Crown, James Rollins James Rollins, the master of the speculative thriller, never fails to deliver. But his latest, The Demon Crown, threatens to rewrite the rules of a sub-genre he practically invented. All the usual Rollins staples are firmly on display right from the start: a massive threat to mankind, the stalwart Sigma Force’s desperate attempts to stop it, and a cunning villain determined to thwart…

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Kathryn Miles reveals our weather security crisis in Super Storm

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Kathryn Miles’ Super Storm: Nine Days Inside Hurricane Sandy is a gripping book on an enormous scale, offering a moment-by-moment look at the storm and its ongoing fallout. BookTrib spoke with Miles about the storm that was and the storms that are yet to come. BookTrib: SUPER STORM is an edge-of-year-seat read, yet it’s also quite grounded in scientific detail. Can you talk a bit about your approach in presenting so that laypeople find it compelling? Kathryn Miles: Part of it first was getting educated myself. Luckily, the meteorologists at the National Hurricane Center and the National Weather Service (as well as professors and private meteorologists) were incredibly generous with their time. I had unfettered access to [both agencies] and…

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