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Tracy Manaster’s sparkling debut is all about starting anew

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Tracy Manaster’s debut novel You Could Be Home by Now (Tyrus Books, 2014) is a book for the New Year if ever there was one. In the novel, three main characters—a newly divorced retiree, a young couple escaping tragedy, and a teenage girl who has been banished to her grandmother’s for the summer—come together in The Commons, a pristine retirement community in Arizona. All three characters, from whose perspectives the novel is alternatively narrated, have suffered from loss and are struggling to cope. All at different points in their lives, Ben, Seth and Lily provide readers with examples of the myriad (and amusing) ways in which people seek fresh starts in their lives. In interest of full disclosure, Manaster is…

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Haul-a-Day 23: It’s the holidays–we could all use a laugh

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At this point in the holidays, we all could use a laugh. The best medicine though it may be, here are five funny books for which you don’t need a prescription or even a trip to the clinic. A novel about three generations of women whose lives are upended by an ill-fated birthday wish A hilarious, behind-the-scenes look at what really happens at big, fancy clothing stores and (spoiler) it’s not all very nice The tale of a few loveable but meddlesome gals at the beauty salon who decide to play matchmaker for a pair of lonely hearts The culture clash that ensues when a proper English lady discovers that her birth parents are from the American Deep South One…

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