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A Bunny’s Tale: Gloria Steinem’s Shocking Exposé That Challenged Hugh Hefner’s Playboy Empire

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After responding to an ad offering “attractive young girls” $200 a week to work at Hugh Hefner’s infamous New York Playboy Club, now-famous feminist, author, and activist, Gloria Steinem, donned the classic Bunny outfit and spent nearly a month working undercover as part of a searing Show Magazine exposé. In her New York Times bestselling book, Outrageous Acts and Everyday Rebellions, Steinem returns readers to that very assignment. In a series of diary-like entries, she reveals an ugly underside of a sexual revolution that Hefner populated with women dressed in revealing costumes and men who ogled them. As she reveals the shocking incidents that followed her hiring in late January of 1963, readers get an up-close look at the outrageous…

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Elizabeth Berg imagines the life of George Sand in The Dream Lover

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It’s difficult not to look back on the past as a black-and-white photograph: staid, colorless, and more conservative than our own time. “Each generation thinks it invented sex: each generation is totally mistaken,” author Robert Heinlein once famously wrote—and of course, he’s right. It’s difficult to picture bygone eras getting down and dirty at all, let alone through our modern lens of sexuality. Which is why there’s something very titillating about reading a novel that imagines historical figures as real people. And it’s even more titillating when those figures led lives that would make Hugh Hefner blush. This is especially true for Elizabeth Berg’s upcoming new novel, The Dream Lover (Random House, 2015) which fictionalizes the life of 19th-century author…

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