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Author Randi Ragan Shares 4 Ways to Spring Clean Your Life

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Spring is about getting the chance to start over. We all want to be renewed, to experience the power of renewal. We all live with the collective results of our mistakes, rash and ill-informed decisions, disappointments, unwise assumptions. A do-over is naturally seductive. Spring offers up that promise. The fresh newness of the scene outside the window invites it. It’s the time to seek out clarity, divest stagnant and old thoughts, old ways of being. It’s the time to try new projects and open up to new possibilities. Our lives are defined by our daily actions. With these simple daily habits, you can begin to create spring cleaning for all areas of your life: mental, emotional, physical and spiritual. Journaling…

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Video: Missed It? Live Interview with Debra Schildhouse and Bio-Touch: Healing with the Power in Our Fingertips

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With just two fingers from each hand, the healing process can begin. Bio-Touch: Healing with the Power in Our Fingertips is the story of the scientifically-proven, touch-based healing technique proven to alleviate pain, stress, the symptoms of disease, and depression. Debra Schildhouse, an initial skeptic, is drawn to Bio-Touch after feeling helpless to do anything for her daughter’s agonizing headaches from viral meningitis. Her search for a method to heal other’s physical pain gradually becomes an inner journey of personal healing as she opens her mind, expands her self-awareness, and eventually becomes a certified instructor and practitioner of Bio-Touch. In tandem with her own story, Schildhouse recounts Bio-Touch founder Paul Bucky’s story, following the many twists and turns his spiritual…

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