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Thrills and Chills: 6 Hauntingly Good Reads for September

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Are you looking for thrills this September but you aren’t quite sure where to look? With October fast approaching, everybody is looking for some jumps, and these thrillers sure pack the punch! Harlan Coben vacates the comfortable suburban world he’s often made so uncomfortable for a trip into crime noir with his typically superb Don’t Let Go. We’ve never met the book’s anti-hero New Jersey homicide detective Napoleon Dumas before, but he feels familiar for all the right reasons. Haunted by the murder of his twin brother Leo and Leo’s girl friend since high school, Dumas’ life takes a shocking turn when the fingerprints of his own long missing girlfriend Maura turn up in a murder investigation in the present.…

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Too Many Secrets and Lies! Books that Transport You to Creepy Small-Town America

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On March 1, 2015 ABC introduced us to Ben Crawford (Ryan Phillippe) and his quaint neighborhood. What started off as any other morning in small-town America certainly turned into a rabbit hole of dark twists and turns when the body of a 5-year-old boy, Tom Murphy, appears in the rainy woods. If you are looking for your next show to bingewatch, Secrets & Lies should be in your queue. Each episode takes you inside cookie-cutter homes with more drama than a Real Housewives reunion. I personally watched this show from start to finish in a matter of two days, which concerned my boyfriend considering all of my focus was finding who the cold-blooded killer was. Finally, when I reached the last episode and everything came…

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9 Enthralling Audiobooks to Get You Through Spring Cleaning — WIN a FREE Subscription from Audiobooks.com!

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Our friends over at Audiobooks.com have compiled a list of essential audiobooks that are sure to keep you company as you make your way through the daunting task of spring cleaning this April. While we know we all have to do it, it doesn’t have to be boring, right? Take a look at the list, throw some of the titles in your wish list and then enter to win a 3-month subscription from Audiobooks.com! How much easier could it get?! Good luck!                                             We have 3 FREE 3-month subscriptions to giveaway (A $45 Savings!!) — so if you’re planning on some serious…

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