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Debut Authors Amy Brewer and Patty Carothers on Collaboration and Writing a Happy Ending

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Rarely nowadays do we find books in the Young Adult genre that aren’t filled with death, murder, bullying, depression, and more. While books with these themes do hold an important place in literature, the market, after the success of books like 13 Reasons Why, has become saturated – if not over-saturated – with similar narratives and themes. Which is why reading the debut novel of friends and writing collaborators Patty Carothers and Amy Brewer feels like something of a breath of fresh air. Their debut work, Texting Prince Charming, as hinted at in the title, reads like a fairy tale – with a twist. After a tragic car accident, Shelby Ryan lost more than just her entire family – she’s also left…

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Overcoming the handicaps that define us: Out With It by Katherine Preston

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At some point in everyone’s life, he or she will experience a handicap. This handicap may be physical or psychological; it can be temporary or chronic. But how an individual adapts to his or her handicap will have ramifications beyond tying one’s shoes or expressing oneself. How we overcome our handicaps will ultimately define us. The first time I threw out my back was the summer of 2001. I’d just moved to Tucson, Arizona, where I was enrolled in a graduate program. I didn’t know a soul―not a neighbor or a fellow student―when I contorted in such a way that caused my abdomen to seize, my spine to lilt, and my hands and feet to go numb. I can remember…

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