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Sitting Down at Lemuria Books on John Grisham’s Book Tour

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John Grisham has invited book lovers and writers alike to listen to his podcast, ‘Book Tour with John Grisham’. So far he has made stops along the way, speaking with some of our favorite authors and more in bookstores across the U.S. Today, we listen to John Grisham speak to a variety of faces in the novel world, including John Evans, Greg Iles, and Matthew Guinn. His tenth stop takes place at the renowned Lemuria Books in Jackson, MS. His first interview revolves around John Evans, the owner of Lemuria Books, who is full of humor and insight that inspires the audience. He also speaks to novelist Greg Iles, who has published 16 novels in a variety of novels, and…

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Can’t Put It Down: 3 Books to Keep You Up Past Your Bedtime

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We’ve all been there. The hour is late but the book is SO good. You tell yourself, “I’ll read for a half-hour and then it’s lights-out.” But that half-hour turns into one hour, then two. We might regret it when we’re downing coffee at an alarming rate the following morning but when lost in those riveting pages, we think of nothing but the story. That’s what Square Books in Oxford, Mississippi recommends this week: Books to Keep You Up Past Your Bedtime. Known for its great selection of literary fiction, excellent children’s section, and books on the American South, Square Books plays host to more than 150 author events each year and hosts the popular Thacker Mountain radio show. Here’s…

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