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Tall Poppies Review: Laura Drake Takes Sibling Devotion to a New Level in ‘Days Made of Glass’

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“Shared blood defines a family, but spilled blood can too…” ~ Days Made of Glass Buckle up readers, because your emotions are in for a roller coaster ride in Laura Drake’s Days Made of Glass – A gripping story of sibling devotion, mental illness and having to face hard truths about oneself. The symbolism in this story hits from every angle. Shattered glass is the splintering of the illusion of reality. In Drake’s novel the smashed mirrors are a sign of both enlightenment and madness. Shards of glass are everywhere, representing broken dreams, broken promises, broken relationships and broken people. Two sisters—tough-as-nails Harlie (the protector) and her younger sister Angel (the lost soul), have had a rough life. So far Harlie…

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