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Peter Swanson on What Makes a Heart Pounding Thriller

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There are good psychological thrillers, and then there are great psychological thrillers – the ones that leave your heart pounding, and your breathing just a touch too fast. While sometimes it can be hard to sort between the two, now you don’t have to: Peter Swanson, author of Her Every Fear has just come out with his latest contribution to the genre. All the Beautiful Lies is a twisted tale, equally as beautiful as it is thrilling. Taking place on the coast of Maine, Harry Ackerson returns home just days before his graduation from college when his stepmother Alice calls to tell him that his father has died and the police think it’s suicide. There, he promises himself that he will discover the truth…

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The Latest Trend: 8 Book Trends from 2017 You Absolutely Can’t Miss!

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It’s one thing to write a popular novel, but it’s another thing for a novel to hit ‘trending’ status. Whether it’s due to a scandal or strong word-of-mouth, these are the books that create so much online buzz that it drives readers straight to the bookstore. We’re definitely interested in what makes something trend, which is why we’ve rounded up 8 of our favorite ‘trending’ books from 2017: Norse Mythology, Neil Gaiman  With 2.6 million follows on Twitter, Gaiman certainly has a large fanbase. So when he announced that he was releasing a new book that dealt with the Norse gods and their stories, his readers went wild. It doesn’t hurt that the book has echoes of American Gods, Gaiman’s…

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