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A Better Tomorrow: 3 Books that Can Change the World

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In the words of the musical that wowed America Thursday night, “Don’t bring me no bad news.” It seems like that’s all we see in the headlines lately, but Odyssey Bookshop has the balm that heals: their selection of “Books that Can Change the World.” First opened in 1963, Odyssey Bookshop in South Hadley, Massachusetts is known throughout the state as a “unique place to look for books.” They even survived two major fires in the 1980s thanks to the assistance of the community and Mount Holyoke College and today, the anchor store of the Village Commons is still going strong. Manager and Fiction Buyer Emily Crowe turned to her knowledgeable staff for these selections: Trace: Memory, History, Race, and…

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Blunt Talk’s Walter and Harry Inspires Our Literary Bromance Picks

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How does Walter Blunt do it? How does the loud, pompous British newscaster (played by Sir Patrick Stewart in the new Starz comedy Blunt Talk, premiering Saturday, August 22) juggle his career, his wake of failed marriages, his continuing sexual indiscretions and his ongoing drug and alcohol abuse? Clearly, it’s too much for one man to handle. Blunt can only get by with the assistance of his ever-loyal manservant Harry, who is so utterly devoted to his boss that he tests the coke before Blunt snorts it (“What would I ever do without you, Harry?” Blunt asks. “What would I do without you, Major?” is Harry’s answer). Ah, the bromance—the iron-clad bond between one man and another that goes past…

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