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Book Excerpt! Garry McDaniel & Sharon Massen’s ‘The Dog’s Guide to Your Happiness’

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dog guide to your happiness

For a sneak peek of Garry McDaniel and Sharon Massen’s The Dog’s Guide to Your Happiness: Seven Secrets for a Better Life from Man’s Best Friend (Lumina Media, February 28, 2017) check out the excerpt below! What We Can Learn About Play and Happiness Some of our sweetest memories come from childhood play—board games, tree climbing, hide-and-seek, kick the can, playing house, street football, and the list goes on. It was through play that we learned to be responsible, and play is the foundation of a healthy, happy child. Great things also happen when families play together. You have surely heard the saying “the family that plays together, stays together” (or something like that). Having fun together is a crucial…

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