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Jonesin’ for a Fix: Books for TV Addicts — Bates Motel edition

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Always mind your mother. Sometimes this old adage fades as we get older and rebel but not for our geeky, albeit murderous, anti-hero, Norman Bates. He sticks close to his mother, the equally murderous Norma. In Bates Motel’s first season, we saw the closer-than-they-should-be mother and son duo dispose of a body (remember Norma’s killer tendencies? It’s best not to give her knives) and keep local law enforcement from unearthing it. Side plots abounded, as they do in the best shows: Norman flirted with his first sexual encounter (you can guess Norma’s feelings on the matter); Norma cozied up to a sheriff’s deputy, ostensibly to keep tags on the murder investigation (and surely you can guess Norman’s feelings seeing his…

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