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BookTrib Q&A: Dr. David Friedman on Diet Myths, “Food Sanity’ and Living a Food-Positive Lifestyle

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Every year, a new diet trend guaranteed to help us live healthier lifestyles an shed some pounds emerges. But even with all the diets out there, a lot of the time they are replications of the tried and true methods we know: counting calories and exercising. Some focus on carb-loading, others on protein, and most just completely contradict what we think we know. With all the advertisements, celebrity endorsements and more, it can be enough to drive one insane! This is where Dr. David Friedman comes in— his goal is to help us sort through all the craziness and live longer, healthier, food-positive lives. Dr. Friedman’s book, Food Sanity: How to Eat in a World of Fads and Fiction, sheds a light on different…

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