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Just the Right Book: Revisiting One of Our Favorite Holiday Episodes!

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Jacques Pepin is a world-renowned chef, a former columnist for the New York Times and the author of more than two dozen cookbooks. For this week’s episode of Just the Right Book Podcast, we revisit one of our favorite episodes with the internationally recognized French chef and author just in time for the holidays! Last December the world’s most famous cooking teacher stopped by RJ Julia to share HIS best holiday cooking tips and you’ll never believe what he tells Roxanne about his own cooking mistakes! Check out Jacques NEW book, A Grandfather’s Lessons: In the Kitchen with Shorey.     More books by Jacques Pepin: Jacques Pepin: Heart & Soul in the Kitchen The Apprentice: My Life in the…

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5 Healthy fast foods inspired by “nutritionist to the stars” Amelia Freer

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Why does fast food have to translate to bad food? Two reasons, really: First, it’s only logical to assume that food prepared quickly probably isn’t as good as food made with care. Second, “fast food” is often extremely high in fat, salt, cholesterol and calories. The American fast food joint, led by the McDonalds and Burger Kings of the world, is at least partially responsible for the assumption that “good fast food” is an oxymoron. This of course leads to the erroneous belief that if you don’t have time, you can’t eat well. Nutritionists like rising UK foodie star Amelia Freer – dubbed the “nutritionist to the stars” by the Daily Mail – are combating that belief. Her latest book, Eat. Nourish.…

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