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The thrill of it all: A writer’s first ThrillerFest

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I had been scanning the crowd all day trying to find him. All I knew was that he was a dark-haired man with glasses, maybe in his late 50s. As I was about to give up hope, my colleague tapped me on the shoulder and said two words that forever changed my life. “That’s Bob.” Before I had a chance to compose myself, he was standing in front of me, cracking a joke. R.L. Stine, author of the Fear Street series that kept me penniless and out of trouble as a middle school girl, was telling me a joke. My inner 12-year-old did cartwheels and set off fireworks while my outer adult smiled politely and introduced herself. (I was rather…

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Raising a glass to ITW’s unprecedented anthology, FACEOFF

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Is there a better way to celebrate some of the greatest characters in modern thrillers than to raise a glass (or mug or stein or flute) in their honor? As many a book club member will attest, there is not much that can enhance a reading experience like a refreshing drink. The International Thriller Writers’ (ITW) anthology FACEOFF is no different. FACEOFF is an unprecedented collaboration where 23 of the world’s bestselling and critically acclaimed thriller writers have paired their series characters in an 11-story anthology. The characters you think you know best are thrown into unpredictable situations and partnered with, pitted against, and, in some cases, romantically entangled with, characters you’d never suspect—and some that you would. As the…

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