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Art Teacher in Peril in Kelli Clare’s Debut Novel “Hidden”

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BookTrib is partnering with Bookish to bring you more great content. Can’t decide whether you want your next book to be a romance or a thriller? Never fear: If you pick up Kelli Clare’s debut novel Hidden, you don’t have to choose. This romantic suspense novel follows an art teacher named Ellie James who realizes that her life is in danger. A handsome stranger named Will Hastings appears and claims he will protect her from a bloodthirsty group named the Order, but will his help be enough? To celebrate this book’s June 5 release, check out this exclusive excerpt from the fourth chapter of Hidden. I pounded the side of my fist on the door frame. The police believed we were missing—we’d have to skip the funeral. Not…

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EXCLUSIVE! A Conversation with Awkward’s Monty Geer

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Actor Monty Geer is enjoying every second playing Cole on MTV’s Awkward. and has really enjoyed watching the character grow. With the show in its final season and storylines wrapping up, we checked in with the star. He talked to us about where he hopes to see Cole end up, what he remembers about auditioning for the role and his blossoming writing career that he hopes will one day lead to writing and starring in his own show. BOOKTRIB: How have you seen Cole change over the past season leading up to the final episodes? MONTY GEER: I feel like Cole just got even crazier! In the beginning I was just tiptoeing through and being like, “Is this right?” Then once…

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