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VMA Week: Photographer Afshin Shahidi Gives BookTrib a ‘Private View’ of Icons Prince, Beyonce in an Exclusive Interview

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  One of my favorite pictures of Prince is the cover photo of Afshin Shahidi’s forthcoming book, Prince: A Private View. One of the reasons I am so enamored of this picture is due to the striking contrast of black and white in Prince’s clothing against the simplistic set— what appears to be a plain hallway. What is even more endearing to me as a 30+ year fan is that Prince, who was of a smaller stature, even in the most ordinary of spaces was ginormous. He was a larger than life figure in life and in his passing his absence has left a chasm that no artist now or in the future will be able to fill.  Through his…

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EXCLUSIVE! Awkward’s Jillian Rose Reed and Nikki DeLoach Dish on Season 5

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It’s the fifth and final season of Awkward and everyone is feeling a little uneasy. After having a front-row seat for four seasons, where being entertained each week revolved around the trials and tribulations of high school student Jenna Hamilton’s (Ashley Rickards) not-so-perfect life, MTV is saying good-bye to the teen drama. I know: What are they thinking!? But chin up, Awkward fans, high school isn’t meant to last forever and the show’s stars Jillian Rose Reed (Tamara Kaplan) and Nikki DeLoach (Lacey Hamilton) have a few things to say, not only about the end of an era, but what’s in store for all of those dedicated Awkward fans. “I’m really hoping it’s not the end,” winks Jillian Rose Reed. “Who knows, anything can…

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