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Battle ‘Ships: Once Upon a Time’s CaptainSwan vs. SwanQueen

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Emma Swan and Captain Hook/Killian Jones

As soon as Once Upon a Time aired back in 2011, I knew I was a goner. Dark fairy tales? True love? Magic spells that take over an entire town? Yes, please. Since then, I’ve fully committed to the roller coaster that is this show: deaths, evil queens, magic beans that let you jump realms, and hearts getting pulled out of chests willy-nilly. But it’s not just the drama that keeps me coming back for more. No, the real draw is all the true love on the show, unabashedly hooking us hopeless romantics and basically making it impossible to stop watching (see what I did there??). For all of you non-OUATers, here’s a rundown on the overall plot: Emma Swan…

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