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October Choices: Secret Lives, and a Stirring Memoir

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Members of the Girly Book Club are voting on the following four titles to determine the book selection for their October club meetings in 70 chapters around the world. If You Knew Her (Harper Books) by Emily Elgar (384 pages) Cassie had it all – the fairytale wedding, the stunning home, the perfect husband. But when she arrives at the intensive care ward at St Catherine’s Hospital in a coma, it soon becomes clear she has a secret — a secret that changes everything. Alice, the chief nurse on the ward, begins to feel a connection with Cassie and can’t help but wonder if things are not quite as they seem. Frank, another patient, can hear and see everything around him…

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Suspense, Romance, Cooking and More: The Best New Releases of the Week

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January is coming to a end, but that only means the new releases are picking up. To keep you company for the rest of the month, we have a list of the very best new releases from this week. Danielle Steel’s new book is out, and for all of us who may swear just a bit too much, Emma Byrne reveals the science of why it may actually be good for you! From the latest literary fiction and the best new cookbooks, to the best romance and suspense, here is the list of new releases from this week: 12 Rules For Life: An Antidote to Chaos, Jordan B. Peterson Fall from Grace, Danielle Steel Swearing is Good for You: The Amazing Science of Bad…

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Brilliant and Twisted: Emily Elgar’s Debut ‘If You Knew Her’ is a Thriller You Won’t Forget

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Fans of Cate Holahan’s Lies She Told,  will love the debut by Emily Elgar, If You Knew Her— a psychological suspense centered on the meeting of three strangers unexpectedly brought together after a hit-and-run. What follows is a gripping chain of events that will keep readers in suspense to the very end. Cassie Jensen, young, beautiful and devoted wife, is brought into the hospital in the early morning, after being hit by a car in a terrible accident. Barely alive and in critical condition, she is tended to by Chief Nurse Alice Marlowe, who swears she recognizes Cassie. When news emerges that Cassie is, against all odds, twelve weeks pregnant, Alice starts her own investigation into what happened. But Alice isn’t alone in her…

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