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November Choices: WWII, Titanic and Unlikely Friendships

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Members of the Girly Book Club are voting on the following four titles to determine the book selection for their November club meetings in 70 chapters around the world. White Rose, Black Forest (Lake Union Publishing) by Eoin Dempsey In the shadows of World War II, trust becomes the greatest risk of all for two strangers. December 1943. In the years before the rise of Hitler, the Gerber family’s summer cottage was filled with laughter. Now, as deep drifts of snow blanket the Black Forest, German dissenter Franka Gerber is alone and hopeless. Fervor and brutality have swept through her homeland, taking away both her father and her brother and leaving her with no reason to live. That is, until she discovers…

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Silky Chicken Liver Pâté for Sleeping Beauty

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Although inspired by the popular Sleeping Beauty tale, the heroine in Elizabeth Blackwell’s While Beauty Slept is not Princess Rose but Elise, her guardian. Though she may, in fact, have royal blood, the extravagant life of ladies of the court is only attained by Elise after an arduous existence as a peasant. Food for Elise in her former life has been scarce, therefore, mealtimes for staff of the castle in which she obtains a position as Queen Lenore’s personal assistant are to the young maid as awe-inspiring as the tapestries that hang in the great hall, or the luxurious fabrics that adorn the queen’s bedchamber. The bounty she enjoys within the fortress walls, the sights and smells I imagined as…

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