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Lonely Planet’s ‘National Parks of America’ is the Perfect Earth Day Read

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I consider myself very lucky to live in a country where each state is so uniquely different. Within many of our states, national treasures can be found in the form of enthralling and eclectic landscapes at our national parks. I’ve had the opportunity to visit several of them and each experience has been vastly different: Arches National Park, Canyonlands National Park, Dry Tortugas, Mammoth Cave, the Redwoods and Mt. Rainier. So during National Park Week (and also Earth Day), it’s no surprise that I’m currently loving the most recent Lonely Planet book on my TBR list. I can say with full confidence that after reading Lonely Planet’s National Parks of America: Experience America’s 59 National Parks (Lonely Planet, April 2016) that their experts have a…

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Top 5 children’s books for Earth Day

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This Earth Day, consider the power that the spare prose and arresting illustrations of children’s literature have in delivering a message.  Children’s books have the ability to teach us a thing or two about the delicate dance that happens between us and our planet. Here are five of the most visually stunning children’s books to celebrate Earth Day: The Lorax by Dr. Seuss The Lorax combines intense visuals (think bright pink and yellow truffula trees) and lessons that rhyme—a classic tale about saving Mother Earth. I’ll Follow the Moon written by Stephanie Lisa Tara, illustrated by Lee Edward Fodi Awash in images of sea turtles amidst calm and serene blue waters, this story highlights the strong bond between a mother…

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No Earth Day needed once we’re gone

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What would happen to the planet if we were gone? As humans, we’ve all likely questioned our own mortality and this thought has probably crossed our minds. The power of nature is mighty, even more so than we can ever imagine. The next time you see weeds growing between cracks in pavement, take a closer look. Were these fragile plants really able to push their way up through a carpet of cement? Chances are that someone will come along and remedy the problem, but if no one is around to maintain it, the weeds will run wild. Now think of that scenario several times over. If you envisioned the Earth spinning on into eternity with little change, then you’re dead…

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