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Guest Blogger: When Being Thrifty With Words Matters

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This sentence has five words. This entire review has 485.  Jean’s limit is 100 words per day.   In her debut novel Vox, Christina Dalcher (Penguin) imagines an America where every female must wear a wrist counter that keeps track of the number of words they speak. Sort of a like a compulsory Fitbit, except this device measures words, not steps – and, oh yeah, it zaps you with increasing jolts of electricity if you go above the limit. Non-verbal communication (sign language, writing of any kind, pantomiming) is also forbidden. Books are banned. Of course, these restrictions only apply to those born without a Y chromosome. A typical dinner at Jean’s house is a chatty affair: she has a husband…

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“Access Restricted:” 1984 Meets The Handmaid’s Tale

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Access Restricted (Harlequin Teen) is the gripping follow-up everyone has been anticipating from Gregory Scott Katsoulis after his original hit All Rights Reserved. Katsoulis takes us on another top-notch dystopian adventure using the same important themes of power and censorship from his first story. All Rights Reserved took us far down a topsy-turvy technological rabbit hole to a society overpowered by lawyers and led by the formidable Silas Rog. Allied in corruption, this tight group of Affluents put copyrights on all expressions of speech in a WiFi bubble. The consequences of speaking without having the money or power to do so in this society resulted in painful eye shocks or for those with greater debts, lives of indentured servitude. Speth, as hero for…

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Rivers of Gold Reveals the Grit and Greed of a Futuristic New York City

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Get a FREE excerpt by subscribing below! BONUS you’ll be entered to win a $100 Amazon Gift Card PLUS all three books in The More Series! Rivers of Gold Excerpt Email Address * First Name Last Name Adam Dunn isn’t one to shy away from the hard hitting issues crippling our country. He made a bold move to walk away from a prolific career in journalism, and now writes intricately woven anecdotes of a dystopian world in a soon-to-be New York City. Rivers of Gold the first book in The More Series, Dunn’s critically acclaimed trilogy, follows charismatic and peculiar characters throughout the mucky streets of Manhattan with no shortage of devious deeds, corruption and filth, making for one helluva insidious brew. Do…

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Video: Missed It? Interview with Marcus Sakey and Written in Fire (The Brilliance Trilogy Book 3)

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For thirty years humanity struggled to cope with the brilliants, the one percent of people born with remarkable gifts. For thirty years we tried to avoid a devastating civil war. We failed. The White House is a smoking ruin. Madison Square Garden is an internment camp. In Wyoming, an armed militia of thousands marches toward a final, apocalyptic battle. Nick Cooper has spent his life fighting for his children and his country. Now, as the world staggers on the edge of ruin, he must risk everything he loves to face his oldest enemy—a brilliant terrorist so driven by his ideals that he will sacrifice humanity’s future to achieve them. From “one of our best storytellers” (Michael Connelly) comes the blistering…

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