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‘The Voice’ Star Blake Shelton Named People’s 2017 #SexiestManAlive

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As lovers of all things romance, we can’t help but to salivate over People Magazine‘s annual #SexiestManAlive cover story. People has been nominating each year’s #SexiestManAlive since 1985, starting Mel Gibson. This year’s winner is country singer Blake Shelton who said, “Ya’ll must be running out of people” in that fluttery southern drawl that is to die for! Today, honor seven of the #SexiestMenAlive from 1985 to present day with steamy, sexy bios and memoirs.   1985: Mel Gibson: Man on a Mission, Wensley Clarkson In 1985, the first year of #SexiestManAlive came out in People Magazine, and rugged, sexy Mel Gibson was the star! Just reaching fame in the Mad Max movies, Mel was a bit uneasy about his growing place as a celebrity. In this biography by…

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Ant-Man: Do You Know the Huge Origins of this Tiny Hero?

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OK everybody—let’s get small. If you recognize that as an obscure reference to a Steve Martin comedy album recorded nearly 40 years ago—POINTS! But that’s not what I’m talking about here. I’m talking about Friday’s release of Marvel Studios’ Ant-Man, the comic-book behemoth’s latest offering and the 12th entry into the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Does Ant-Man arrive with the goofiest concept of any comic-book movie we’ve ever seen? Possibly. An ex-con is recruited to fight bad guys by stealing a suit that gives its wearer the power to shrink down to insect size and communicate with ants. Yeah, that’s pretty weird. But it’s only the latest in a long, long line of literary and cinematic tales with teeny-tiny protagonists. In…

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